Food Menu (Eng)


1. Gobi Pakora

cauliflower in chickpea flour dough
4,50 €

2. Panir Pakora G

homemade cheese in the dough
4,90 €

3. Bengan Pakora

eggplant baked in special flour
4,50 €

4. Onion Bhaji

sliced onion fried with spices
4,90 €

5. Mixed Pakora G

different vegetables with cheese
for 2 persons 10,90 €

6. Chicken Pakora A,G

breaded chicken breast fillet stripes
4,90 €

7. Samosa A,G

2 pieces of dumplings stuffed with vegetables
5,50 €


20. Mixed Salad G

with homemade yoghurt dressing, on request with herbal dressing
6,90 €

27. Murgh Salad G

mixed salad with chicken breast strips
7,90 €

Vegetarian Plate

45. For 2 persons

35,90 €

46. For 4 persons

69,90 €
  • Papadam

    from lentil flour
  • Indian Soup A

    vegetable soup
  • Panir Tikka G

    grilled cream cheese with peppers and onions
  • Stuffed eggplant G,H

    with cream cheese, nuts and raisins
  • Potatoes with cauliflower G

    with curry cream sauce
  • Salad, various sauces, pea rice

  • Bathura A,G

    deep fried Indian flatbread
  • Nachtisch

Duck Dishes

All duck dishes are served with salad.

55. Duck Mushroom A,G

duck breast fillet with fresh mushrooms in curry cream sauce with basmati rice

56. Duck Korma A,G,H

Duck breast with almonds, raisins and cashew nuts in special sauce, served with basmati rice

57. Duck Makhani A,G

in butter fried duck breast fillet in special sauce, served with basmati rice

58. Duck Chili (very hot) A,G,F

duck breast fillet with paprika, onions, ginger and tomatoes in spicy soy sauce, served with basmati rice

Lamb Dishes

All lamb dishes are served with basmati rice and salad.

65. Mutton CurryA,C,F,G,I,J

lamb in a spicy sauce
12,90 €

66. Lamm JuckniG,H

lamb in spicy saffron yoghurt sauce
13,90 €

67. Mutton Vindaloo (hot) A,C,F,G,I,J

lamb of South Indian style
13,90 €

68. Mutton Shahi Korma G,H

lamb in almond cream sauce
14,90 €

69. Mutton Mughlai G,H

lamb with cashew nut sauce
13,90 €

70. Mutton Saag G

marinated lamb with spinach in sauce
13,90 €

71. Mutton Mushroom G

lamb with fresh mushrooms in curry cream sauce
13,90 €

72. Mutton Masala (medium hot) A,C,F,G,I,J

lamb with ginger, garlic, green peppers, onions and fresh tomatoes
12,90 €

Seafood - Fish

All fish dishes are served with basmati rice and salad.

85. Fish Mango (sweet) D,G

redfish fillet with mango sauce

86. Fish Masala (hot) A,B,D,F,G,I,J

hot redfish fillet, after spiced north Indian style

87. Scampi Madras (hot) A,B,C,F,G,I,J

king prawns with grated coconut in South Indian style

88. Scampi Masala (Hot) A,B,C,F,G,I,J

king prawns with ginger, garlic, herbs and fine Indian spices

89. Scampi Korma A,B,C,F,G,H,I,J

king prawns in mildly spiced saffron cashew cream sauce with almonds, raisins, grated cream cheese and cashew nuts garnished

Grilled specialties

All grilled soecialties are served with basmati riceand salad.

100. Chooza Kebab (mild) A,G

chicken fillet marinated in cheese cream sauce, grilled with garlic and pepper

101. Tandoori Chicken G

24 Stunden mariniertes Hühnchen in Joghurt-Safran-Sauce, mit 21 Gewürzen gegrillt, dazu Salat und Sauce

102. Chicken Tikka G

24 hours marinated chicken in yoghurt-saffron-sauce, grilled with 21 spices, with salad and sauce

103. Lamb Tikka G

grilled lamb, marinated in yoghurt, in spicy sauce

104. Scampi Tikka (6 pieces) B,G

king prawns fried with fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions and ginger

105. Sagar Grill plate G

a mix of tandoori chicken, tikka kebabs and lamb tikka with sauces

106. Grilled-Duck G

duck breast fillet on cast iron plate with different vegetables

107. Duck Goa G

duck breast fillet with Indian cream cheese and broccoli, served in mild spice sauce on hot cast iron plate

108. Paneer Tikka G

Indian cream cheese pieces marinated in yoghurt sauce, grilled with paprika, onions and tomatoes


125. Mango-Lychee-Fruits G

with vanilla ice cream
5,90 €

126. Gulab Jamoon G

fried milk balls in sugar syrup
4,90 €

Singaporean specialties 2

All dishes are served with rice and salad.

Lamb specialties

320. Lamb Thaipei A,F

lamb with potatoes, bamboo, coconut and garlic, well-rounded with a special chili-soy-Thai-sauce, served with basmati rice

321. Lamb Singapur A,F

lamb pieces with fresh vegetables in red Thai curry sauce, cooked in coconut milk, garnished with fresh coriander

322. Lamb Chili A,F

finest New Zealand lamb, cooked with exotic vegetables and chili, in special sagar spice mixture, fiery spicy

323. Lamb Thai A,F

juicy pieces of lamb with different vegetables in red curry sauce

324. Lamb Medan A,G,H

tender pieces of lamb, in a wonderful sauce from cashew nuts, almonds, coconut cream and grated creamy cheese, seasoned with lime leaves and Thai basil


330. Duck Gaeng Supparo A,F (slightly spicy)

tender duck breast fillet in a Thai red curry sauce, garnished with coconut cream and fresh cilantro

331. Duck Taipei A,E,F

marinated duck breast fillet with vegetables in creamy peanut sauce, seasoned with red curry

332. Duck Kambodscha A,F(slightly spicy)

duck breast fillet in Singapore spices, served in dark honey sauce with fresh vegetables


345. Fish Thai A,D,F(slightly spicy)

redfish fillet pieces with fresh vegetables in red Thai curry sauce, cooked with coconut milk and fresh coriander, slightly hot

346. Fish Phuket A,D,F

finest redfish fillet cooked slowly with exotic vegetables, coconut milk and green Thai curry sauce, flavored with lime leaves


10. Curry-Soup A,G

curry soup Indian style
4,50 €

11. Mulligatawny C,G,I,J

chicken soup Indian style
4,90 €

12. Vegetable Shorba C,G,I,J

vegetable soup with spices
4,50 €

13. Madras Rasam C,G,I

red lentil soup
4,90 €

14. Sour hot Soup A

with chicken meat (medium hot)
4,90 €

15. Mango Soup A,G

mango soup with coconut milk, exotic mango, lime leaves and lemongrass
5,50 €

16. Scampi Coco B

light and refreshing prawn soup with coconut milk, lime leaves and lemongrass
5,90 €

17. Almond cream soup H

5,50 €

Vegetarian Dishes

30. Subji A,C,F,G,I,J

various fresh vegetables in spicy sauce and basmati rice

31. Palak Panir G

homemade cheese with spinach and basmati rice

32. Malai Kofta A,G

balls of fresh vegetables and cheese à la maison, with basmati rice

33. Mushroom Panir G

fried cream cheese with mushrooms in special tomato cream sauce with basmati rice

34. Bengan Baji G,H

fresh eggplants, fresh tomatoes and ginger with curry spices and basmati rice

35. Panir Vindaloo G

Indian cream cheese with potatoes in South Indian hot sauce (spicy) with basmati rice and salad

36. Shahi Panir G,H

homemade Indian cream cheese with peas in creamy sauce with basmati rice

37. Mattar Panir G,H

hausgemachter indischer Rahmkäse mit Erbsen in cremiger Sauce, dazu Basmatireis

38. Broccoli Panir G,H

homemade Indian cream cheese with broccoli, fresh tomatoes, paprika and onions in tomato cream sauce, served with basmati rice

39. Panir Jhalfrezi (hot) G,H

homemade Indian cream cheese with fresh tomatoes, paprika, onions and fresh ginger in curry sauce, served with basmati rice

Children's Meal

40. Chicken Nuggets A,C

with French fries
7,90 €

41. Fischstäbchen A,C,D

with French fries
7,90 €

Sagar Plate

48. for 2 persons

44,90 €

49. for 4 persons

84,90 €
  • Indian Rum 1

  • Papadam

    From Lentil flour
  • Indian Curry Soup A

  • Fisch Tikka D,G

    grilled redfish fillet, marinated in yoghurt, in spice sauce
  • Chicken Masala G

    boneless chicken with green pepper, onions and tomatoes
  • Duck Mango (sweet) A,G

  • Rice, bread, salad, various sauces G

Chicken Dishes

All chicken dishes are served with basmati rice and salad.

75. Chili Chicken (hot) F

chicken breast fillet with peppers and onions in spicy soy chili sauce
12,90 €

76. Chicken Curry A,C,F,G,I,J

chicken in curry sauce, spicy
11,90 €

77. Chicken Special A,C,F,G,I,J

chicken prepared with different vegetables
12,90 €

78. Butter Chicken G

creamy chicken in butter tomato sauce
13,50 €

79. Chicken Saag G

chicken in spinach, Indian style
12,90 €

80. Chicken Madras (hot) A,C,F,G,I,J

chicken with coconut and spices in South Indian style
13,50 €

81. Chicken Jhal Ferezi (very hot) A,C,G,I,J

cooked chicken with onions, ginger, chili, tomatoes and peppers
12,90 €

82. Chicken Korma G,H

chicken in almond cream sauce
14,90 €

84. Chicken Juckni (mild) G

chicken in spicy saffron yogurt cream sauce
13,90 €

Sagar specialties

Grilled lamb meat is served in the traditional cast iron pot, prepared with tomatoes, ginger, onions, peppers, cardamom and cloves. (Karahi).

Side orders: soup, bread A, rice, papadam, sauce G and dessert

90. For 1 Person

20,90 €

91. For 2 persons

41,90 €

Breads & side dishes

115. Bhatura A,G

Indian flatbread
2,40 €

116. Naan A,G

grilled wheat flour bread
2,80 €

117. Chapati A

whole grain bread
2,60 €

118. Papadam

lentil flour bread, spicy
1,00 €

119. Mango Chutney

pickled mangoes, sweet and sour
2,90 €

120. Raita G

yoghurt sauce with cucumbers
2,90 €

Singaporean specialties

All dishes are served with rice and salad.


300. Chicken Singapur (medium hot) A,F

Chicken breast fillet with garlic, ginger, coriander, green peppers, tomatoes and onions with chili soy sauce

301. Chicken Bali A,F

juicy chicken breast fillets with fresh vegetables in red Thai curry sauce, cooked in coconut milk, refined with fresh coriander

302. Chicken Thai (fiery spice) A,F

classic thai red chicken curry with eggplant, baby corn and lime leaves, garnished with coconut milk

Grilled specialties

305. Ente Singapur F

grilled duck breast fillet with green pepper, onions, honey, ginger, garlic and soy sauce

306. Scampi Bangkok Tikka A,F

7 king prawns in red Thai sauce and honey, grilled with paprika and onions, with peppermint

307. Singapur Mix Tikka A,B,F

grilled lamb and chicken marinated with peppermint sauce and honey, with onions, peppers & scampi


310. Vegetable A,G,H

fresh vegetables in a fantastic sauce from cashew nuts, almonds, coconut cream and grated cream cheese, with lime leaves

311. Vegetable Taipei A,E,F

fresh vegetables in creamy peanut sauce, seasoned with exotic red curry

312. Cheese Kualalumpur A,F,G

homemade cream cheese with fresh vegetables in creamy sauce, refined with honey

313. Tofu Thaipei A,F

crispy vegetable balls with potatoes and bamboo, prepared in sweet and sour chilli sauce and soy sauce

314. Panir Singapur A,F,G

homemade cream cheese deep fried with onions, peppers, garlic, ginger, hot chilli sauce and soy sauce

Recommendations of the chef

All dishes are served with basmati rice, Indian bread and salad.

620. Chicken Mushroom G

chicken breast fillet fried with mushrooms in curry cream sauce

621. Chicken Mango G

fried chicken breast fillet in a sweet mango sauce

622. Chicken Broccoli G

roasted chicken breast fillet with broccoli in a special sauce

623. Chicken Malai Tikka (mild) G

tender chicken fillet with cream cheese in mildly spiced yoghurt sauce marinated and grilled, served on a hot plate (mild)

625. Chicken Tikka Masala (hot) G

marinated, grilled chicken fillet in a sauce with ginger, garlic, onions and spices

626. Duck Tikka G

duck breast fillet marinated for 24 hours in yoghurt saffron sauce and grilled with 21 different spices and honey

627. Lamb Broccoli G

lamb fillet fried with broccoli in a special sauce

628. Fish Tikka D

redfish fillet with paprika, onions, tomatoes, ginger and fried garlic and served on a hot plate


A contains cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, etc.)

B contains shellfish and crustacean products ·

C contains eggs or egg products

D contains fish or fish products ·

E contains peanuts or peanut products

F contains soy or soy products ·

G contains milk or milk products (lactose)

H contains nuts or their products (almond, hazelnut, walnut, chashew nuts, pecan, Brazil nut, pistachio, macadamia, Queensland nut)

I contains celery or celery products ·

J contains mustard or mustard products

K contains sesame seeds or sesame seeds products ·

L contains sulfur dioxide and sulphites

M contains lupine or products thereof ·

N molluscs (mollusks) or products thereof


1 with colouring agent ·

2 caffeinated ·

3 with antioxidant ·

4 acidifying agent

5 with preservative ·

6 artificial sweetener ·

7 phenylalanine ·

8 quinine ·

9 stabilizers

10 foamed up with nitrous oxide ·

11 taurin ·

12 contains sulfite ·

13 blackened

14 flavor enhancers

The pictures are for decoration purposes only. All prices include VAT and service.